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Freelancing Feedback for buyer and seller Samples - Shahid Malla - WHMCS Expert Freelancer

Feedback to Sellers – SHORTEN length

– [NAME-HERE] was great to work with and did what I asked.
– Great work, thank you!
I– So grateful for the flexibility to revisions. I’m so happy with the end result. Thank you.
– A trustful person, reactive and which offers relevant solutions. Do not hesitat.
– Excellent work – Fully recommended
– He is great – I will continue to work with him.
– Great communication. Timely replies. Attention to detail with great creativity
– Great communication, quick results, fair price. Thanks for the great work. Would hire again
– Very pleasant to work with. In addition he did excellent work. I recommend him highly
– Amazing job as always, super prompt and knew exactly what we needed
– Very responsive and work completed very quickly. Thank you
– He is the best guy. Always prompt and have never had an issue with their work
– Very quick respond and resolve. Happy with the job.
– Excellent work and very quick turn around.
– Great job, very happy with the work. Was quick, creative and did everything perfectly.
– Such efficient and professional services .. I always speak to [NAME-HERE].
– Another good experience with [NAME-HERE], recommended!
– Creative, professional, knowledgeable, on time…
– Working with [NAME-HERE] was great. He was accessible and extremely collaborative on this project. He completed all milestones quickly and ahead of schedule. I will definitely go back to Joe for my next project.
– Very detailed in terms of making sure client’s projects are fulfilled and working correctly. Thank yo
– [She-He] was very helpful. She met deadlines, Recommended
– Really easy to work with and I gladly recommend [him-her] to anyone looking for quality work
– The best part about working with [She-He] was [his-her] customer service, [She-He] responds quickly
– [NAME-HERE] was punctual, creative and hard-working. [She-He]’s a great lovely peep to work with!

Feedback to Sellers – NAMED Feedback

– Excellent developer! He did everything I asked and went above and beyond. Anything he didn’t know, he quickly researched and found a resolution immediately. [NAME-HERE] was always available and had GREAT communication. Completely committed to finishing the task within the timeline. I’m upset I hadn’t found him sooner but will definitely be using again going forward!
– Working with [NAME-HERE] was very easy. They took my requirements and delivered exactly what i wanted to a good qaulity level. Communication was great and the cost was very reasonable.
– [She-He] is awesome! He responded straight away and completed the job within a few hours and was very helpful in answering all my questions. I will definitely hire him again.
– [NAME-HERE] is a wonderful [TITLE] — . She is always on time and pleasant and produces great work.
– [NAME-HERE] is fantastic to work with. Her communication is excellent, her edits are gold, and she turns things around quick. She has a great depth of knowledge on data-based [TITLE]. I’d recommend [NAME-HERE] to anyone!
– [NAME-HERE] was instrumental to our team. We’d highly recommend her for [TITLE] related projects, and hope to work with her in the future.
– [NAME-HERE] has done an awesome job with our website. The updates and changes look great! He’s always right on top of any requests we have and gets them done promptly.
– [NAME-HERE] is great! He’s responsive, productive, knowledgeable, and personable. He even goes one step further to suggest improvements and optimizations.
– [NAME-HERE] was great. He understood my requirements and delivered the results in a timely manner.
– [NAME-HERE] has a great understanding of some front-end development. [NAME-HERE] delivered quality work within an agreed budget.
– Amazing skill. Amazing abilities. First-class individual with the caring to do the job right, while making sure the client gets what they need, and within budgets. I would recommend [him-his] work.
– [NAME-HERE] was extremely helpful and great to work with. With my minimal experience on websites and blogs, he took the time to explain terms that were foreign to me in a way that I could easily understand. Anytime I had a request to have my website updated or tweaked, he got it done in a timely manner. He is great at what he does!
– [NAME-HERE] did a fantastic job. My expectations were completely met and she communicated throughout the process. Will definitely hire her again the future for my web design needs!
– Great communication, very responsive, very easy to work with. I really enjoyed working with her.
– I worked with Dani at Under Armour and National Geographic. She is a VERY detailed designer and has very good creative ideas while working on set for a photo shoot or behind the computer designing ads. She has great energy, a great personality and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her for ANY project. No project is too small or too big for [NAME-HERE].
– [NAME-HERE] was consistently one of the most capable individuals I worked with. She was organized, discerning, and quick.
– I came to him with a rough concept, he went off and did his thing delivering a polished product in under a week! Will definitely be working together again in the future.
– I have enjoyed working with [NAME-HERE] over and above many others because of his ability to gauge when a problem needs to be solved right and when a problem needs to be solved quickly. He learns new technology at an exceptional rate, always strives to do an excellent.
– Great work. Very happy with the ability to take on a project and get it to the finish line with minimal questions.
– [NAME-HERE] has consistently gone above and beyond to deliver on the best her team has to offer.
– I am very satisfied with the work that Scopic [NAME-HERE] for our company. He was extremely thorough, patient and responded quickly to questions. We will definitely work with him again.

Feedback to Sellers – RETURNING BUYERs

– Great work as usual! 🙂
– Amazing work yet again thank you!
– Above and beyond. Phenomenal work.
– Amazing work as always. No one else out there like this guy.
– Efficient service as always, will definitely use again!
– Amazing, super quick work!
– Very prompt responses and great customer service. [NAME-HERE] understood exactly what I was looking for and was able to deliver great quality work with fast delivery. I plan on continue working with [him/her] as [He/She] have been great to work with.
– I love when things go this smoothly. Everything about this experience was top notch. He was very exceptional and the value was excellent. I will definitely use [him/her] again.
– It was wonderful to work with [NAME-HERE] for the second time!. [He/She]’s great to work with.
– I’ve worked with [NAME-HERE] for over a year. I manage the projects he is assigned to complete. [NAME-HERE] is reliable and responsive. He accomplishes the tasks that we give him within budget and in a timely manner. His coding has led to interface improvements within our system and his contributions are appreciated.
– We have used [NAME-HERE] on many projects. [He/She] is highly skilled and did an excellent job creating the exact web function that we needed. Highly recommended!
– Another great project completed! On time and on budget. I will definitely be back. Thank you.
– In the meantime i made several, extensive projects with [NAME-HERE]. Their structure is good and professional.
– [NAME-HERE] is one of the most driven people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is responsive, intelligent, and hard-working. Her design work is flawless and well thought out. She gives honest and constructive feedback, asks the right questions, and is committed to doing only her best work. You can rest assured that work done by [NAME-HERE] is exactly what you’re looking for. I couldn’t recommend her more.
– I worked with [NAME-HERE] for 2 years. I’ve always found [NAME-HERE] to be loyal, punctual, professional and commercially minded. His work is of a very high standard and Steve continually strived to learn and try new technologies. I found [NAME-HERE] to be a model employee and a pleasure to know and work with.
– Great to work with, we’ve had several projects now and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with [NAME-HERE] again!
– As always, [NAME-HERE] did a great job. Communication was excellent. Highly recommended.
– This is the second website [NAME-HERE] have helped me with! He is always very fast to respond and we’re really please with the outcome!


### Feedback to clients working for 1st time

– A good friend and employer. Definitely want to work with him again 🙂
– It was really great working with [NAME-HERE]. He’s such an approachable client, detailed with his instructions, and he’s true to his words. I will definitely work for him again if future opportunities arise. Thanks again!
– This was my first experience with [NAME-HERE]. It was great working with [NAME-HERE] and she is very good at letting you know what she needs as well as helping you to understand it. Her communication skills are excellent and it was an enjoyable experience.


## Freelancer Reviews to Clients / Buyer / Customer

– I continue to enjoy an excellent working relationship with [NAME-HERE]. [NAME-HERE] is excellent to work for. His communication is clear and practical and pays promptly. I would recommend any freelancer to work with him if given the opportunity
– It was really fun working on this project with [NAME-HERE]! It is very easy to work with her, which makes the project that much more enjoyable. I would be pleased to work with her again in the future.
– Nice working with him, Quick response and complete instructions with proper description and documentation
– i had such a great time working for [NAME-HERE] it was an honor! He was easy going and clear with directions I look forward to the chance to work for him again!
– Great client!! helped me in every stage of project clearing the doubts. Perfect communication. Easy going. Thanks for the opportunity. Highly recommend working with him.
– It’s been very enjoyable working with [NAME-HERE]. Professional, communicative and friendly. A client I really appreciate.
– [NAME-HERE] had been fantastic to work with. He has made the goals very clear and looked over all the work I did and have any extra imput. Would totally work with [NAME-HERE] again and would recommend him. Very patient, understanding, and clear communication.
– [NAME-HERE]’s great to work with, very communicative and gets involved a great deal. He makes it almost too easy to ensure the project goes well.(: Thanks [NAME-HERE]!
– A fantastic person to work with, great communication, knows what they want and gives detailed, in-depth instructions.
– A fine employer, reasonable, intelligent and good communicator.
– [NAME-HERE] was a pleasure to work with. Ideas were clear, good instruction was given and payment was prompt. I would gladly work with him again.
– [NAME-HERE] was a refreshing client whose professionalism and concise communication made the project flow smoothly and objectively. I would be honored to work with him again.
– [NAME-HERE] clearly stated his objective and statement of work. It was a pleasure assisting him and I look forward to working with him in the future.
– Great buyer, he explains his needs in a perfect manner, and open for discussion and highly available !
– He is very professional. He understands the situation of a developer and give the proper time required to do a job and clearly states the requirements before submitting order.
– Looking for long-term business relationship, references & more orders. Thanks!
– He is very responsive and very precise what he wants to achieve. The thing I like most about him, that he is open to hear developer suggestion. High recommended.
– I appreciate that [NAME-HERE] allows me creative freedom, and it makes working together mutually beneficial.
– Good direction, fast communication and fun job during the project. I would recommend him. I hope to stablish a good commercial relationship with him.
– So nice, and great working with him as always, So good. Hoping for more projects 🙂 Thank you so much!
– [NAME-HERE] is great to work with, looking forward to future projects. clear instructions.
– [NAME-HERE] is a great employer, very friendly, understanding, and clear in his communication, also very organised. I’ve really enjoyed working with him! 🙂
– Fun project to work on and I appreciated the clear and concise requirements. It provided a solid direction on what was expected. Recommend working with this client.
– [NAME-HERE] is very responsive and very easy going person. Would recommend Eric to anybody who want to work with him.
– It was a pleasure to work with [NAME-HERE] solving an interesting problem. This job was really enjoyable because of [NAME-HERE]’s professionalism, communication, and technical understanding. Payment was very fast. I would jump at the opportunity to work with [NAME-HERE] in the future. Maximum star rating!
– [NAME-HERE] was very good client, honest, friendly, cool to work with, most important was that his style matched with mine and therefore we could very easy understand each other during the process and come up with a cute design. I wish him good luck with his new retail
– It’s pleasure to work with you, very co operative and helpful. I am waiting for new assignment.
– Pleasure to work with this customer. Provided work details accurately and very helpful. There is no payment delay.
– Good coordination, all requirements are clear in project, payment on time. Nice to work with you, looking for next project.
– Very enjoyable client, fast responses and precise detailed explanations make working with Joy, well the name says it all, a joy
– All informations are clear in project. Coordination was good. Payment on time. Nice to work with you and looking for next opportunity.
– One of the best professionals in Guru. Highly recommended.
– I am satisfied by the buyer 200%. and I am willing to do the more project for him.
– Very good client. Would definitely like to work with him again.
– Very nice employer with clear instructions and reasonable deadline. A pleasure to work with.
– He is a great client. Wonderful communication, helpful cooperation. I am looking forward to work with him. Great relationship and wonderful passion!
– Client is very easy to work with. Gives thorough and clear feedback and instruction.
– You’re the BEST. Loved working for you and look forward to working with you again one day! Wishing you all the success in the world
– I wish you all the success in the world. Thank you for being such a delight to work with! Let me know if you need me for any future projects.
– Fantastic to work with. Clearly outlines what he wants and pays quickly. I am looking forward to working with him long term.
– Thanks so much! You were an EXCELLENT client to work with!
– Oh thank you so much, I have much enjoyed helping with the project! Thanks a lot!
– Thanks a bunch, I really enjoyed working on the project!
– Thank you so much, I am always happy to help with another challenging project!
– Love the project, so it’s hard NOT to have fun with it.
– Great client. Stay blessed and I am here when you need me.
– You’re too kind ? This was fun to work with My days are packed with smiles. ..
– Awesome product by a brilliant client =) Thanks YOU! Look forward to the next set of work!
– You are a darling client. Creative, polite and a fantastic communicator. Complete pleasure to work with you…and i hope I can be of service to you again in the future!
– [NAME-HERE] is the best employer. Pretty straightforward. I look forward to work with him again.
– [NAME-HERE] was very clear on his objectives, easy to work with, showing professionalism, integrity, good business conduct, and he was payment promptness!
– [NAME-HERE] is an attentive employer. He is respectful and orderly when it comes to communication matters. I look forward to working with him in the future!
– [NAME-HERE] was excellent to work for. He was very responsive and gave clear feedback. He gave me a general idea of what he wanted and let me do the rest. I enjoyed my experience working with him and would be happy to do so again.
– [NAME-HERE] has been a wonderful client throughout all of this. Clear instructions, helping when asked and open to changes. I will gladly continue working with him and helping to provide the best work possible.
– The employer was clear in the project specification, communication, showing professionalism. Therefore, I would definitely work for this employer again!
– [NAME-HERE] was amazing about understanding, clarifying, and working with me to get the project completed. I’m looking forward to working with him again.
– [NAME-HERE] is an excellent employer. He delivers on payments and is patient enough to allow the contractor to deliver quality content in a timely manner. I look forward to writing even more content for him.
– [NAME-HERE] is both a patient and understanding employer that happily adapts to whatever may be delivered. Working with him has been a pleasure and the instructions that have been delivered are always clear and concise. I would highly recommend anyone to accept jobs offered by him.
– While showing carity on his project objectives, professionalism and high integrity. Therefore, I would definitely work for this employer again!
– Working with [NAME-HERE] has been amazing. [NAME-HERE] is very cooperative. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CLIENT!!
– Thank you so much for being a client for long time now! Thank you again!
– Thank you so much for being my client for so long! I do appreciate it!
– Thanks a lot, its always a pleasure working with clients like you and knowing what they need. Thanks again!
– Thank you so much for still using my service
– Wonderful client, whom I greatly enjoy working for!
– It’s always great working with you! Thanks again!
– All-time favorite buyer. Perfect explanation and patinate client. Awesome Experience.
– We are happy to continue our collaboration. Hopefully, it brings satisfaction and pleasure to both sides.
– Our cooperation is progressing nicely. As always, I thank you for the feedback.
– [NAME-HERE] continues to be a supportive employer. He pays promptly and is always available to help with difficult issues. I hope to engage in further work with him.
– Working with Rya[NAME-HERE]n is always a pleasure. And after 3 projects under our belts – I am looking forward to a long term partnership with him. 100% excellent experience!
– My continued relationship with [NAME-HERE] grows, and I am thankful for it. I am able to communicate with him and we are able to come to an agreement where projects are concerned. Fantastic contractor
– As always, grateful for the wonderful cooperation – exemplary responsiveness and friendly attitude.
– We’re happy to maintain our fruitful cooperation and willing to do our best to keep up the performance.
– Have worked with buyer many times and always a pleasure.
– I always enjoy working with [NAME-HERE]. He always lets you know what he is after without being pushy or inconsiderate. Always polite and friendly.
– Always to love work with … . Explain every point clearly when i need and also helps to sort out things related to projects.

Feedback to FIVVER GIG Clients

– Thank you for your positive feedback. We’re grateful you pointed out our work.
– Thank you so much, i really appreciate your positive gig feedback!
– Thank you for your thoughtful review. I am proud of our continued cooperation. We are excited to turn your website idea into a real efficient web platform.
– So glad you’re loving these. Thank you for the tip!!!
– Thanks a million, I appreciate your feedback!
– Thank you so much, i appreciate the gig comment!
– Thank you so much! I appreciate the positive gig comment!
– Many many thanks, I really appreciate the gig feedback! Good luck with the project!
– Your feedback means a lot to me , many thanks!
– Thank you. beautiful review, lol.
– Thanks again for the gig!
– Thanks again for the gig! I’m glad you’re pleased!
– Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m really glad I could help. Best of luck with your writing and future endeavors!
– Thanks so much! I’m really glad I could help!
– Great work. Timely, accurate, and they respond very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the wonderful work!!
– Thanks for another gig, and best of luck with your project! It’s always great working with such friendly people!
– Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re pleased, and I look forward to working with you more!
– Thanks again for the gig! I’m glad I could help and have really enjoyed working with you. Best of luck with your future projects. I am here when you need me.
– Very easy to work with. Very friendly and patient. Gives feedback in a timely manner. Detail oriented and quite talented. Would definitely work again!
– Thanks a million, I have really enjoyed working on this. I appreciate the tip as well ? ! Thanks!

Feedback to clients with No Name

– A very good client to work with , wish to work again with him.
– Nice Client! Wonderful experience working with …
– …….. is a nice client to work for! Highly recommended!
– A Pleasure to work with ! Thank you !
– It was pleasure working with you. I would like to work again.
– Great Client and very detailed with the requirements.
– You are a pleasure to work with.
– It’s easy with a good project
– Simply the best buyer and professional
– Cooperative,helpful and understandable. Nice to work with you.
– Thanks so much, Will…look forward to doing more work for you!
– Thank YOU again, and I look forward to working with you more!
– Very detailed and organized information. Thanks!
– Excellent Experience and waiting for your next project.
– Really nice person, Great buyer, He is awesome, His behavior impressed me, May God bless him.
– it’s an honor for me to work again for this client, and thanks for choosing me as a buyer.
– nice humble and very supportive i recommend this buyer.
– He Is an Awesome Person and buyer. The buyer is too Friendly and very kind. I’ve never seen anyone like you. Great Person, Friendly, and understanding. I will surely love to work with him again.i am really happy to work with this buyer. Highly recommended 🙂
– It was very challenging and hectic yet I am happy that you are satisfy. Thank you for working with me. Have a safe and blessed time.
– buyer knows is requirements very clearly. That made my work very easy. wish to work with him again
– The experience was very great and She is an acknowledge lady, She gave me direct signs of the changes she required and we both have not faced any difficulty to accomplish the required task to be done. Thank you for your trust, Wish to work with you in the future.
– It was really an amazing journey for a while. His friendly and Crystal guidance accelerated my working speed. Hopeful to collaborate again in near future.
– Thanks a lot! Loved the experience. The buyer is very professional, kindest and helpful. I will look forward to work with you again.
– Its been a wonderful experience working for you. Hope to work together again soon.
– Amazing experience ! This is the second time working with this buyer. Hope to work together again soon.
– This was a good opportunity from a good employer…had a smooth experience.
= He is one of the most excellent employers I’ve worked for ever
Professional, respectful, efficient and will be happy to work with him again.
– Very good employer and very clear with his requirements. Also very prompt with his payments. Would love to work for him again
– For the second time I worked for this employer, really professional with high communicated skills as usual
Thank you for choosing me again dear.
– [NAME-HERE] has been very good to work with. I have completed several projects for him. He is always prompt to reply to questions, check works in progress to ensure they are being created to fit his requirements.
– Client is very talented and an excellent person to work with. Looking forward to more projects in the future.
– Easy to work with and clear about what he wanted. Would definitely work with him again.
– Thank you. I also cant believe that I can deliver this style. WOW!!! Great working with you.
– Great Employer, Good communication, Quick Feedback on the revisions.
– Awesome to work with.He knew exactly what he wanted, clear instructions and direction,Very knowledgeable, and cooperative!
– He is a nice client as always working with him. I’m continue working for him. He is well explaining project details. Thanks! 🙂
– He is very professional and supporting with the clear cut and detail requirement in hand makes scope easy to understand and work. Will continue working with him. Thanks!
– Nice client as always. He has well communicated to explained about the project details. I wish to working with him for his future projects. Thanks! 🙂
– He is a nice guy to works with. I am happy to working with him. And will be ready to works on his future project works as well. Thanks! 🙂
– Great communication, fast responder, A+ employee, it was pleasure doing business with him!
– It was a wonderful experience working with Leon. He is very cooperative and I would definitely like to work with him again.
– I really enjoy working for you and I was happy to help you with my graphic design skills. Communication was smooth and pleasant and I’d love to work with you on future projects again. 5/5 starts employer!
– Very easy to work with. Great communication and they provided an in depth description of the issue they were experiencing. This was an excellent experience all around.
– Thanks for your support during project. Happy to work for you again in future as well. 🙂
– Nice experience working him. Clear requirements and have good technical understandings. Good to have work opportunities and would love to work again in future.
– It was a wonderful experience working on this project. I would highly recommend working with Leon.
– Excellent client and professional. Clear in requirements. Always available to answer questions and provide feedback. Very generous and honest. Highly recommended.
– Very professional! I always feel very familiar during conversation of projects. I’d love to work with you again and again.
– We’d like to thank [NAME-HERE] for the detailed feedback on our cooperation he’s shared with the public here. It’s our pleasure to work with him. His timely responses and friendly manner of communication make our job productive and enjoyable.
– Very professional! I always feel very familiar during conversation of projects. I’d love to work with you again and again.
– Very professional towards the instructions and professionalism. Would like to work with you in future also.
– Great client. Communicates well, willing to provide needed information, very knowledgable, and quick to pay. Good guy doing good work out there.
– Fantastic experience, from beginning to end. Good communication, good energy, good inclusion…professionalism A+. I am very happy with my experience and I would do it again any time.
– That was great to work with him ! He’s willing to listen your suggestion and discuss with you about any idea.
– Excellent to work with! He was responsive and professional He had a very specific need. This is is a more in depth need and we were able to put together a respectable solution yet was not quite perfect. In any event I would highly recommend working with him.

Feedbacks to CLIENTS = Named

– [NAME-HERE] is a very welcoming person and is always available if you have any queries. I look forward to continuing to work with Ryan on a long-term basis.
– Working with [NAME-HERE] is an absolute pleasure! We are developing a fantastic working relationship with I hope continues for a very long time! Highly recommended.
– [NAME-HERE] provides frequent opportunities for work and always communicates quickly as well as answering questions with ease. A magnificent employer to work with!
– [NAME-HERE] is an excellent employer. He responds quickly to any queries and is highly courteous, as well as pays timeously. I look forward to a long-term working relationship with him.
– Its always a please to work with [NAME-HERE]. He explains his idea clearly, the concept of the story is easy to run with. 100% perfection 🙂

Feedbacks to Best Clients

– [NAME-HERE] is so easy and accommodating to work with, while still being very clear in his expectations and prompt with payment. A new writer, or one starting out in a new genre, won’t get a much better first client than this one! Highly recommended.
– Brilliant employer! Always a pleasure to work with as he communicates quickly and sets clear standards on quality!
– Great client, excellent communication and every task had clear instructions which client provided immediately after accepting the job. Looking forward hearing from Michael again in future.
– ………. is such a honest, decent and reliable client. He always provide a very detailed scope of work which help me to give the exact estimations. Will continue my service with him for long time.
– Very caring & professional client, hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

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