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How To Redirect WHMCS Thank Page To Custom Page WHMCS Paid Invoice - Shahid Malla - WHMCS Expert Freelancer

Hi, My name is Shahid Malla, i am whmcs expert and full time freelancer, in this guide i will show you how you can redirect your clients in whmcs to another URL after checkout and paid invoice!.

Requirements: Need To Modify Two Pages 1. Complete.tpl and view invoice.tpl

  1. Login To Hosting and edit a file complete.tpl under the templates/orderforms/standard_cart/complete.tpl
  2. You will see the if-else statement after the if statement if the invoice is paid and past this code below in HTML tags:
<title>JavaScript Automatic Page Redirect</title>
    function pageRedirect() {
    setTimeout("pageRedirect()", 30000);

3. Then do the same with viewinvoice.tpl under the templates/six/viewinvoice.tpl

and make sure you put in the statement after if the invoice is paid so the user can pay the invoice and after that he will be redirect to thank you page..

If you don’t want to take this headache or don’t have time to do it? then I am here to help you with jus 50$ Hire Me Now!

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