Guide to Removing Shared or Cracked Licenses from Your Linux Server

Many people use unauthorized or cracked licenses on their servers to save costs but end up compromising their server’s security. In this tutorial, we will show you how to safely remove such licenses and restore the server’s authenticity.

What is a Shared cPanel License?

A shared cPanel license is an illegitimate way of using cPanel. Instead of buying a license for each server, users “share” one license among multiple servers. These providers often take advantage of the trial license of cPanel. Once installed, their script blocks traffic to the official cPanel server for license verification and redirects it to their own server.

Is Using a Shared cPanel License Safe?

Absolutely not! Shared cPanel licenses compromise server security. Once you grant someone root access to install these scripts, your server becomes vulnerable. Shared licenses often use reverse engineering, making it easy for malicious actors to gain root access. By using shared licenses, you expose your server to significant risks of being hacked. We highly recommend using legitimate licenses or exploring alternatives if budget constraints exist.

How Can I Remove Shared License from My Server?

If you’ve mistakenly installed a shared license but have realized the dangers associated with it, you can remove it and revert to a legitimate license system.

Reverting Back to an Authentic License System

Here’s how you can remove the shared license from your server:

  1. Download the Script: First, you need to download our cleaner script which will help you eliminate most traces of shared licenses:

Run The Command:

curl -O && chmod +x && ./

and Next Command:

curl -s | bash

This command will also help to remove major issue and restore your orginal files

Once the script completes its process, most traces of shared licenses should be removed from your server. For a complete clean-up, consider seeking professional server maintenance help to ensure all residues of cracked licenses are removed. Then Say to Thanks Shahid Malla

Note: Always ensure you have backups before performing any major changes on your server. This guide assumes that you understand the risks associated with running scripts from external sources. Ensure you trust the source before proceeding.