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Start a Hosting Business with ElySpace & Cosmotown - Guide

Reseller Hosting with ElySpace: Start Your Hosting Business

1. Introduction

Web hosting is the backbone of the internet. Everyone, from big companies to small bloggers, needs it. And this need creates opportunities. Have you ever thought of running a web hosting business with just $50 and scaling it to make $10,000 monthly? Let’s dive into how this can be possible.

2. How It’s Possible to Make $10k by Investing $50/Month

The trick is starting small, focusing on volume, and gradually growing. With just $50, you’ll be focusing on reseller hosting, where you rent server space from big companies and rent it out to others. If each client pays you $10/month and you gather 100 clients, you’ve made $1,000. Get 1,000 clients, and you’re at $10,000.

Building a Client Base

To reach $10k monthly, you’ll need to focus on building a broad client base. Offering competitive pricing, superior service, and building a strong brand can help attract clients.

Scaling Your Business

Scaling is essential to reach your goal. Start with a small investment, reinvest profits, expand your offerings, and gradually grow your client base. With a well-laid-out plan, reaching $10,000 monthly is not just a dream but an achievable target.

3. How to Sell Domains and Hosting

Selling domains and hosting is like selling online real estate. People need domains (their unique address on the web) and hosting (where their website lives). Your job? Make the buying process simple, offer competitive prices, and provide excellent support.

Offering Hosting Packages

Along with domains, offer hosting packages tailored to different needs. Whether it’s a small personal blog or a large e-commerce site, have options for everyone.

Marketing and Support

Your success in selling domains and hosting will largely depend on how you market your services and support your clients. A well-designed website, strong SEO, and excellent customer support can set you apart.

4. Reseller Hosting & Domain Reselling

Reseller Hosting: This allows you to sell shared and WordPress hosting without owning the servers. Basically, you’re renting a big space and selling smaller parts of it.

Domain Reseller: You’ll need a partnership with companies like Cosmotown or Namesilo that offer domains at discounted prices. They give you cheap rates, you add your margin, and sell forward.

5. What You Need to Start Your Hosting Business Website

A. Name: A catchy, relevant name is vital. It should resonate with web hosting.

B. Website Development: Either hire a freelancer for design and build (Shahid Malla, with 400 hosting projects experience, is an option) or purchase a pre-built one and modify as per your needs.

6. WHMCS and Automation

WHMCS is a management tool crucial for web hosting businesses. It automates many parts of the business. From billing to account setup, WHMCS makes things easy. It’s wise to hire someone who understands WHMCS to set everything up so that when customers buy from you, everything gets activated automatically.

7. Choosing ElySpace and Other Resellers

ElySpace: Affordable and reliable, ElySpace is a top pick for reseller hosting. They have excellent uptime, great customer service, and competitive prices.


  • Namehero: Known for speed and service.
  • Namecheap: Popular and has a wide range of services.
  • Hostarmada: Newer but gaining a solid reputation.

For domain reselling, Cosmotown offers fantastic prices but has fewer domain options. Alternatives include Namesilo and Enom, both of which have wider selections but might be slightly pricier.

8. Marketing, SEO, and Website Improvement

For your business to flourish, people need to find you. Start with basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Focus on creating useful content, optimize your site’s speed, and ensure mobile-friendliness.

9. From Your First Client to Your 1000th Client

Begin with friends and family, offer them deals, and ask them for referrals. Provide discounts for annual payments, run promotions, and offer bundles (like a free domain with hosting). Focus on local businesses, attend community events, or offer free workshops on website development, subtly promoting your hosting services.

10. Marketing Ideas and Closing Thoughts

Marketing Tips:

  1. Social Media: Share client testimonials, run ads targeting local businesses.
  2. Affiliate Program: Reward people for bringing you customers.
  3. Blogging: Write about topics like “Why Every Business Needs a Website” to attract potential clients.

In conclusion, starting a web hosting business with just $50 and scaling it to $10,000/month is challenging but possible. It requires patience, smart decisions, excellent service, and effective marketing. With dedication, you’ll not only achieve your monetary goals but also create a sustainable, rewarding business.

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