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Suspending and Unsuspending Accounts via Root SSH in WHM/cPanel - Shahid Malla - WHMCS Expert Freelancer

In a WHM or cPanel server, administrators often need to manage user accounts, especially in situations where an account is involved in undesirable activities such as spamming or phishing. Suspending an account temporarily disables it, preventing any activity. This can be crucial for maintaining server integrity and security. While these actions can be performed through the WHM/cPanel interface, they can also be executed via the command line using specific cPanel scripts. This tutorial will guide you through the process of suspending and unsuspending accounts using root SSH.


  • Root access to your WHM or cPanel server.
  • Basic familiarity with SSH and command-line operations.

Steps to Suspend an Account

  1. Access the Server:
  • Initiate an SSH connection to your server using a suitable SSH client. You will need to log in as the ‘root’ user or a user with equivalent privileges.
  1. Suspend an Account:
  • Once logged in, you can suspend an account by using the following command:
    /scripts/suspendacct <accountname>
  • Replace <accountname> with the actual username of the account you wish to suspend.
  • This script will suspend the specified account, making all websites and services under that account inactive.

Steps to Unsuspend an Account

  1. Access the Server:
  • Ensure you are connected to your server via SSH as the root user or a user with similar privileges.
  1. Unsuspend an Account:
  • To reactivate a suspended account, use the following command:
    /scripts/unsuspendacct <accountname>
  • Again, replace <accountname> with the username of the account you want to unsuspend.
  • This command will reactivate the account, restoring access to its websites and services.


By following these steps, you can easily manage account suspensions on your WHM or cPanel server through the command line. This method is particularly useful for quick actions or automating tasks in scripts. Always ensure that you have the correct account name before executing these commands to avoid affecting the wrong account.

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